Thursday, June 14, 2012

Micro Brewery Beers available

Back in December somebody asked if there was any truth in a rumour that a Micro Brewery was opening in Competa. I advised that sadly there was no truth in the rumour, however, I did advise that there was one in Los Barios near Gibraltar. 
They brew a variety if different UK type beers and every one is a gem.
I am pleased to say I now have a supply of the beer in bottles from my amigo -Have a look at their website   
I currently have 5 different types at €1.50 a bottle.
El Trillo (Summer Beer) 4.2%
El Almiar (IPA) 5.1%
El Alambique (Red beer Irish style) 4.0%
El Yunque (Black beer-porter) 4.8%
La Fenega (Double Malt) 5.6%
Anyone interested in trying this nectar you can contact me- Ken- and place your order on my mobile 628747975 or my email  kenespana(@)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

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